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3 Excellent Reasons to Rent Woodland Events' Video Guestbook

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Woodland Events doesn't just plan incredible weddings and events. We also rent out a really awesome video recording kiosk where your guests can record messages for you to watch and rewatch for years. These recordings range from sentimental to encouraging to down right hilarious! (Check out this recording from Heidi & Jake at Brittany & Chris' Pinstripes wedding last October)

Tomorrow is our first video guestbook rental of the year (just so happens that it's Heidi & Jake from the above video...congratulations you two!!), so it seemed fitting to focus this week's blog on this awesome device!

Back in high school, I helped a videographer film weddings, and often, it was my job to go around interviewing guests during the reception, asking them to leave messages for the couple. These brides and grooms frequently reached out to say these messages were the most special part of their wedding video.

Fast forward ten years to my own wedding, no videographers were offering this service and photo booths were becoming more popular, so I thought, "Why don't I combine those two things into one?" Thus, Woodland Events' kiosk version one was born. Built with a fake wooden iPad in it (just in case a rogue screw or staple ended up going through it), this first kiosk was a little rough around the edges, incredibly heavy, a bit difficult to transport without a truck, and really not easy to use (resulting in a lot of messages that said, "Well, we though we just recorded the perfect message, only to find out it wasn't actually recording!"

Still, people definitely took notice of the kiosk and said they wished they'd had something like this at their own wedding. Baltimore Center Stage's education department even commissioned me to build three more for a big event they were hosting last spring where kids from around the community could record facebook live videos explaining why the arts were important to them.

Video Guestbook Kiosk Baltimore Center Stage Education

Since moving to Minnesota last May, I've been renting out my video guestbook to friends and family for their weddings and events, and since Woodland Events was officially formed, the business has taken over ownership of the kiosk and handled its rentals.

If you aren't already sure you'd like our video guestbook at your wedding, read on to find three things that might change your mind!

1. Version Three is Here!

The newest version of our kiosk is lighter, easier to transport, and much slimmer than previous versions. What this means for you is that we can rent it for cheaper than we used to! Starting today, all video guestbook rentals will only be $250 (down from $300). And it will only be $150 for our existing planning clients! Budgeting money back in your pocket!

Video Guestbook Kiosk Version Three Woodland Events

2. It matches your decor!

Our kiosk is designed to match the decor at your wedding. Not only do the instructions and recording app match your event stationery (compare the table number template below to the kiosk image above), but we also customize the color, size, and shape of the frames on the kiosk to make sure it fits in with your decor. For an extra fee, we'll even paint the kiosk itself to whatever color you'd like!

Table Number Blank Flowers Gold Leaves

3. You can't get it anywhere else!

The soul of our video guestbook is an easy to use proprietary app built by Woodland Events. You literally can't find it anywhere else. We may add it to the Apple app store some day, but until then, you can only get it with our rental.

If you'd like to rent Woodland Events' video guestbook* at our brand new low cost of $250, contact us at We look forward to hearing from you!

*Please note that while we plan weddings worldwide, our video guestbook is only available within 100 miles of Eagan, Minnesota.

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