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Wedding Trends for the (New) Roaring 20s

Updated: May 12, 2020

Welcome to the roaring 20s! The last time one of these was around, weddings were full of bob hair cuts and dresses hemmed to the knee. Like the millennials of today, many couples did away with longstanding traditions like a bride being walked by her father down the aisle.

So is this the year we start to see brides bringing back flapper wedding dresses? Will grooms regularly sport fedoras? Will more weddings be prohibition themed with a bar hidden behind a phone booth? Do the young people getting married today even know what a phone booth is?! We have so many questions!

In this week's blog, we'll share some of the major trends we're seeing for 2020 weddings and take some educated guesses (and a little bit of wishful thinking) at what we might see through the rest of the decade. Buckle in guys and dolls, and get ready to know your onions, because this sockdolager of a post is the bee's knees!


No guesses here. The trends for 2020 are set! From interactive food stations to 90's nostalgia, today's couples are all about exciting experiences for their guests and personal expressions that highlight who they are and tell their story.

Food & Beverage

More and more couples are interested in elevated food and beverage experiences rather than traditional plated meals. They want their guests to be able to watch their food get prepared and even be included in its preparation! Perhaps more importantly, they're interested in cuisine that represents their cultural backgrounds and can be consumed by people with all varieties of dietary restrictions. Think giant paella kettles for or taco bars with with East Asian inspired fillings (yum!)

Trying to find some elevated food and beverage experiences in the Twin Cities? We love Honey + Milk and Nolo Donut Cart for desserts and The Tiny Tap, Minne Bar Go, and Equal Parts Cocktail Company for drinks!


We're personally very excited to say that eco-conscious and sustainability-minded decor is the name of the game this year. Couples in 2020 are all about avoiding single-use plastics, locally sourcing their food and florals, and making donations to environmentally friendly charities in lieu of party favors.

We're also seeing a ton of throwbacks to the nineties (makes sense since the majority of couples getting married are nineties babies). From holographic stationery and bright color blocking with bold, often unmatched colors (think of the colors you find on Lisa Frank stickers and put them on attire, linens, and other decor) to neon signs and celestial inspired details (many nineties kids grew up with glow-in-the dark stars on their ceilings).

Thanks to our friends over at Dos Goats Plans, we're pretty sure Bell Museum's Planetarium might be the best place to embrace the celestial trend in the Twin Cities.

Photo Credit: Rachel Lahlum Photography

Traditions and Activities

First Looks continue to rise in popularity. It's a great opportunity for some incredible photos and helps free up time for your couples portraits later in the day. I don't personally love them, but they totally make sense and I would never tell a couple they shouldn't do it.

Back on the topic of engaging experiences for guests and celestial details, we're also seeing a rise in mystical entertainment experiences like palm and tarot readings, henna body art, and magical acts. A great entertainment option in the Twin Cities is Wildflower Mystical Entertainment.


There's a pretty big tossup here. Most brides are still wearing the simple, classy, modern dresses they've been sporting for the last five years or so, but with the roaring 20's now here, we're seeing brides interested in Hollywood glam with satin ballgowns and art deco inspired looks. More and more brides are also wearing bridal pantsuits and blazers instead of dresses.

Other Fun Trends

There are two VERY popular wedding dates this year. First up is Saturday, February 29th. As a leap year, plenty of couples are excited about that date. But be careful! Ancient Greeks and Romans believed getting married on a leap year would bring bad luck for life. That said, it's the only one this decade that falls on a weekend, so if you'd really like a leap day wedding, this is probably your best have two months...GO! The other incredibly popular date this year is 10/10/2020 due to it's really cute numerical sequence.

We're loving seeing fewer weddings use traditional rows for guests at the ceremony. 2020 will be the year of in-the-round seating. What better way to get married than literally being surrounded by friends and family?


Whew! That was a lot for 2020. Still will me? If you're down for it, keep reading to see our predictions for trends throughout the rest of the decade!

Interested in having a winter wedding next year? Hurry up and book a venue for Saturday 1/9/2021 (or 19-20-21, as it's being called), because it's a hot date and is already booking up fast!

As for decor, we expect to continue to see a lot of bold color blocking choices, not just in the attire and decorations, but in hair and makeup too.

In the past several years, we've seen ceremony arches evolve from what used to be simple arches to bolder geometric statement pieces including triangles, circles, and rigid squares. This year, we'll start to see more unique arch shapes that bring us back to wacky 90's imagery, including octagons and even zig zags.


The last two years have been full of bright, bold colors and electrifying decor and lighting. In 2022, we'll start to see more muted colors and minimalistic details in wedding designs.

Just like last year's 19-20-21, this year's 18-20-22 is going to be a hot date. Well, it'll be cold for most of us Minnesotans, but you get what I mean. Really dedicated to a cute date? You could choose to get married on Wednesday, 2-2-22 or Tuesday, 2-22-22. Pro Tip: Midweek weddings make perfect destination weddings. Plus, it'll give you a great excuse to escape the snow for a bit.


Two words: Wedding. Shorts.

Real talk, y'all. Who says a dress needs to be a floor length gown? Bridal rompers have been popular after party looks for brides for several years, but 2023 is the year we see them make an entrance into ceremonies. It's casual comfort meets new age flapper.

Goodbye traditional "fancy" appetizers. We'll start to see treats that remind couples of their favorite childhood treats, like fried mac and cheese balls.


Goodbye veils. Hello sleeves. In 2024, bridal gowns will cover arms, not faces. Scholars have traced veils back to Rome, when brides wore them to fend off evil spirits whose goal was to thwart the happiness of the couple. We don't need that in our lives. But sleeves? You can do a lot with sleeves. They haven't been incredibly popular in wedding gowns since the 80s, but they're coming back.

We'll also start to see more color in wedding dresses. With the muted colors of 2023 still trending in decor, brides are going to head away from white and use the opportunity to pop with red, green, and silver dresses.


All of the sparkle. Whether it's because of the way it glitters in the latest high-tech lighting setups, because of the way it reminds us of the stars, or because Trump is no longer in the white house, 2025 weddings are going to be full of shine, sparkle, and glitter. It's going to be the brightest wedding year of the century. Woodland Events will begin billing a 25% surcharge for every wedding that uses glitter, which is all of them, so we are effectively raising our package prices.


I have to be honest: I've got a love/hate relationship with lace. It reminds me too much of the 1966 tablecloths I would find on my grandmother's dining room table in was outdated then, and it's outdated now in 2020. But in 2026, another 30 years has passed, and lace is making a strong comeback. Not the boring stuff that was in grandma's kitchen, but truly stunning handcrafted designs with intricate and bold botanical details.


Feathers, feathers everywhere. On the dress, in the decor, maybe even edible feathers in the dessert. For whatever reason, feathers are a hit in 2027. Just wait, you'll see.


I don't have much to say about 2028.

The one thing I will say about 2028 is that it's the last leap year of this decade, so if you really want to send a message of defiance to the ancient Greeks and Romans in the 2020's, now is your last chance. It's a Tuesday.


Whether its due to more widespread technical comprehension, a need for more eco-friendly processes, or the USPS going out of service, we anticipate 2029 will be the rise of the online wedding invitation. Paper invitations will become a luxury reserved for big budget weddings, but even those will utilize online-only RSVPs.

Similarly, paper stationery items at the actual wedding itself will become irrelevant. AR glasses will be as common as the smartphones of the early 2020's and information about the food, wedding party, and where to sit will just be viewed by guests through those. We're living in pretty amazing times.

What Are Your Predictions?

If you've made it this far, let me know what your wedding trend predictions for the decade are in the comments! I'd love to hear serious opinions from other wedding professionals just as much as I'd love to hear exaggerated guesses about how our first contact with extraterrestrial lifeforms impacts the weddings of the decade. So...what are you waiting for?

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