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7 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

Updated: May 12, 2020

I've met a lot of couples who are well organized, have a solid understanding of everything that goes in to planning a wedding, and have a Pinterest board full of the exact details they want for the event.

And certainly, in this modern age where you can download a wedding checklist to your phone and have instant access to thousands of blogs like this one for advice and wedding planning tips, even a couple who doesn't have everything quite put together can probably manage to DIY their wedding.

It sure seems like hiring a professional wedding planner is becoming less and less necessary, doesn't it?

Isn't it strange then, that most couples who do hire a wedding planner say things like, "I couldn't have done it without them," or, "hiring a wedding planner was absolutely the best decision I made for my wedding," after their big day is done?

While modern conveniences have made wedding planning easier for couples, hiring a wedding planner is still something you should do. Keep reading to learn why.

1. You Will Save Money

It may seem backwards to suggest that paying a wedding planner a bunch of money will actually save money, but it's true!

Think about it like a rewards program. Most businesses offer deals to their repeat customers (I know I've got about twenty punch cards, rewards certificates, and gas rewards cards in my wallet right now). In the wedding industry, with the exception of hair and makeup professionals and sometimes photographers, we don't get a lot of repeat business (at least, I sure hope we don't).

So instead of offering great deals directly to the consumer, many wedding businesses offer discounts to couples through wedding planners they hope will keep bringing clients their way. We are their repeat business. With these little built in discounts, a planner can help you save about 5% - 10% on your wedding costs. So if you have the Twin Cities average $28,827 wedding budget, your planner could save you up to $2,800 on your wedding. Since our full planning packages starting at $2,400, our services are basically free.

Oh, also, your planner knows hundreds of tips and tricks to save you money throughout the planning process, potentially helping you avoid thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses.

I promise you. When you hire a planner, you will save money. It may not always show up on paper and the exact dollar amount may not always be clear, but one this is certain: you will not have paid full price for your wedding.

2. They'll Help You Find the Best Vendors

Your wedding planner has worked with a lot of different vendors and has established close relationships with at least a few. They'll be able to recommend vendors who are great to work with and match your budget range, unique wedding style, and preferences.

Plus, they may not be lawyers, but they've seen hundreds of vendor contracts and can review the fine print and warn you about any red flags before you sign, negotiate better terms for you, and ensure the details of every contract are honored on your wedding day.

3. They'll Help Keep Things Organized

Wedding planners are obsessed with details and will be sure to keep your checklists, budgets, calendars, day of timelines, and vendor contact lists in order.

Even if you have a Type A personality and are ridiculously organized, it's wonderful having somebody who's full time job it is to focus on your event, especially if you have your own job and social life to manage. I'm saying this from personal experience. My wife and I had another wedding planner work with us on our wedding and have no idea how we would have managed otherwise (despite the fact that I do this for a living).

4. They'll Take Care of the Things You Don't Care About

While you focus only on the aspects of your wedding you want to focus on, we work tirelessly in the background taking care of everything else.

Do you know that you want a petting zoo at your wedding, but don't want to spend hours researching local options for that? We'll do it for you! You just tell us what animals you want and we'll come back to you with a few quotes to choose from.

5. They Will Support Your Vision

Some people get nervous that hiring a wedding planner will mean they lose creative control of their wedding. That's not the case. You're the one with the dream and the vision. We fight for that vision and do everything we can to make sure every vendor and every detail supports it.

Whether you simply want it to be pretty or you have a fifty page presentation on every last detail of your wedding dream, we will take it and run with it. And we'll never make a final call without running it by you first.

It's your wedding and we're there to support you.

6. You'll Get to Enjoy Your Big Day

You, your family members, and your friends should be relaxing, enjoying the day, and feeling like guests at your wedding, not telling the photo booth staff where to set their equipment or calling the florist who has missed their scheduled delivery time or making a last minute decision about what to do since the icing on the cake has melted.

Your planner will be there on the day of the wedding to make sure everything is set up exactly how you want it and everything is where it needs to be to ensure a smooth day so you only have to worry about getting dressed, saying your vows, and celebrating your new marriage.

They'll be there to make sure you get down the aisle, on to your reception, and off to your honeymoon. You won't even need to worry about when you're supposed to cut the cake.

7. They've Done it Before

This last point speaks for itself. Your wedding planner has done this before and knows what to expect. They have vital information based on past experience. They can listen to your concerns and offer feedback and advice. They can pretty accurately predict how long things will take, what food options will be popular with your guests, how much alcohol you will need to buy, and whether that expensive DJ you're looking at is actually worth the added cost.

Hiring a wedding planner is a no brainer and is worth every penny you spend (and each one you save by having them on your side).

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