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How to Include Guests in Your Wedding

Updated: May 12, 2020

Today's blog is a guest post by Kimberly Lakenen, Woodland Events Intern and owner of It's The Little Things Events.

When it comes to your wedding day, it is definitely all about you and your partner, but if you want to take a second to thank your guests for coming out and make them feel like they’re also a part of your big day, here are a few ways to include them!

Song Requests

RSVP card with line for music request

Add a special spot on your RSVP cards for guests to request their favorite song be played at your wedding. Compile a list of your favorites from that and send it over to the DJ. They’ll be excited if theirs gets picked!

Anniversary Dance

Elderly couple dancing at wedding

These people have helped shaped your idea of a long and happy marriage so this is a great opportunity to highlight their own commitment to each other! The DJ will call all married couples to the dance floor and will begin counting up on the years couples have stayed together until there is only one couple left up there! They’ll be invited to the microphone to share their advice on how they’ve made their love last so long!

Disposable Cameras

"pics or it didn't happen" sign beside a disposable camera

Sure you’ve paid a professional to come and take great pictures of your wedding, but this unique approach will help you see the party through your guest’s eyes! Candid pictures show all of the fun that people have unfiltered! Some people go the extra step and add polaroid cameras for their guest books so guests can write their love for you and show you their best pose!

Showcase their Advice

Flowers and table number with quote decoration

Another one that goes hand in hand with your invites is to have a section where they can write in their favorite love quotes, or a piece of advice for the newlyweds and find creative ways to incorporate those in your wedding day. This can be anything from quotes written on rocks as favors, printed on your programs, or written on boards and spread out across the venue. You can even read some of them during the ceremony and give the person a special shout out!

Cultural Experiences

Card explaining culture specific wedding traditions

Weddings are great ways to showcase your cultures, especially if you’re merging two in one wedding! Help guests feel more included by providing programs that explain the spiritual and cultural significance so they understand the importance of it to you!

Personalize their Experience

Wheelbarrows filled with ice and beverages

If you’re having an outdoor ceremony, provide fans, hydration systems, or parasols in the heat or hand warmers and blankets if it’ll be cold! This helps make guests feel cared for and important!

Social Media Hashtags

Hashtag Sign

Take a step into the digital age with this idea! You’ll get the same effect as the polaroid cameras with the candid photos on your wedding day, but you will also get to share every step of your wedding planning process! Many couples will use the same hash tag for all of their festivities so that guests can follow all of the fun from the engagement parties to the honeymoon.

Memorial Tables

Memorial Table featuring loved ones

I have seen these used in so many different ways! You can either have one dedicated to those who have passed that could not attend your special day with you or you can dedicate it to all of the love that you came from by filling it with wedding photos of your family members weddings!

Planning Activities for Guests

Outdoor karaoke stage

Whether it's to keep them entertained during cocktail hour or to help break the ice at their table, this can really liven up a party! These things can range from yard games, jars to fill with date ideas & advice, an adventure/bucket list jar for the couple, or even some well rounded karaoke fun at the end of the night!

*Side note from Todd (Woodland Events' Owner): I live for petting zoos, magic acts, mini escape rooms, and karaoke at weddings...your guests will too!*

Candle Ceremony

Candle Ceremony white candlesticks

Much like the unity candle ceremony between a couple, this ceremony brings all of the guests into it as well. All of the guests get an unlit candle at the beginning of the ceremony and when it is time, the officiant will light the first row of candles. That row then passes the flame onto people behind and around them until everybody's candle is lit. The last person to have their candle lit will then walk up to light those of the wedding couple.

Guests love to feel included in a wedding, and it's the little details of how you include them that will really make your wedding memorable. Need help coming up with ways to include guests at your wedding? Get in touch with Woodland Events at and we would love to chat about something that's both fun for your guests and uniquely you. Have other ideas not listed here? Mention them in the comments!

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