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Emily + Blake Testimonial Video

Updated: May 12, 2020

Way back in September, we worked with an incredible couple to bring their Harry Potter inspired wedding to life. We loved working with them so much, we wanted to sit down with them and ask about their experience working with us. Here's what they had to say...

Blake: The day of the wedding was just stress free and all we had to do is kinda show up and we were just pointed in the right direction and right there. That was worth, you know, twenty...thirty thousand dollars to us alone.

Emily: We had a lot going on at the time. I had just gotten a new job. We were buying a house. I was moving out of my apartment. He was selling his house and we were getting married in less than six months. So as organized as I am, I just knew that something gonna fall through the cracks. So I - one of my best friends and mentioned she had gotten a day of planner, so I looked into that and I was like nope, that's not enough! So I need something a little more in depth than that. I hadn't even heard a partial planning. I know that there was full wedding planning and then I knew that it was day off, but the partial one was perfect for us because we'd already done all the big - the big things like the venues and that sort of thing so being able to have that option was really great for us. Definitely having everything in Aisle Planner too I think was a big advantage because I'm not somebody who likes to get on the phone a lot, so it's nice too to have the paper trail within Aisle Planner just to keep track of everything that's where we kept track of everything. I mean I even used the guest list to keep track of gifts and thank yous and to be able to see everything that we had coming up what we needed to get done right now being able to collaborate with you in Aisle Planner, just all the notes and comments and putting everything there like when we had payments due or contracts and everything like that, so -

Blake: It was nice that you didn't get mad or you weren't like this has to be done - do this now! It just felt like I was you know talking to a friend that was just pointing me in the right direction.

Emily: It was definitely helpful for us to have somebody to bounce ideas off of and have an expert who knows what they're talking about, especially when it came to logistics. We, of course, came in just with maybe two questions we were gonna ask when we got to see the space but was really helpful with Todd was that he knew all the right questions to ask - sizes of, you know, linens that we were gonna need and how many tables were gonna fit and what they were gonna look like and, just him knowing the right questions to ask was definitely helpful because we would not have known to ask all of those questions. For us, the day was perfect and we definitely could not have done it without you. Everybody came up to us after and told us how amazing you were and how easy you made everybody's lives that day and moving up to it all my bridesmaids, my mom, especially because of her dress issue. I cannot have asked for a better experience. So there's really - I was trying to think of anything I didn't go the way that we wanted it to go or if we wish that something had gone differently and I could not think of one single thing. Like, we thought everything - Personally, I thought everything was perfect and could not have been better than it was.

Blake: Yeah, in our eyes, it was the perfect wedding and we were just so happy and at the end of the night, the next day we were just like it was, you know, it was like something out of a fairytale. Woodland Events definitely exceeded our wildest expectations. When you're watching this video, you definitely have a big choice to make. I mean it's, you know, the start of the rest of your life and you can make it as stressful or stress free as you'd like, but if you choose Todd, your wedding is gonna go really smooth and you're gonna - you will never regret it. If you have anything bad that happens that day and Todd doesn't fix it, you can call me personally and I'll refund you $50. Honestly.

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