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9 Easy-to-Miss but Absolutely Necessary Wedding Planning Details

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

When it comes to planning weddings, there are




One look at a full planning checklist is sure to make almost any couple's heads spin. There are the big ticket items like, "Choose a venue," and "Book a Caterer." But there are hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of smaller details too, like, "Choose shoes for wedding party," and "Decide on duration of first dance."

While we agree that it's important to steadily check things off your list, there are definitely some things that won't result in a catastrophe if they don't get done and the wedding will still happen and it will be beautiful.

There are some details, however, that are particularly easy to miss, but could cause some sticky situations on the wedding day (and I mean that both figuratively and literally).

1. Get (and Sign) Your Marriage License

Without this legal document signed by you, your officiant, and two witnesses, you aren't technically married, so this is absolutely a must.

I recommend signing it before the ceremony so that you don't forget to do so after the excitement of being pronounced married.

Bonus points if you get pre-marital counseling! Not only will it help make the transition into married life easier, but the state of Minnesota will give you a little marriage license discount!

2. Assign a Point Person

Trust me when I say that you really don't want to be the person your vendors come to all day to ask questions, make suggestions, and grumble about how, "My contract says I get a ten minute break every hour and it's been two hours already!!"

Be sure you have a point person who introduces themselves to each vendor and can field all of those questions so you can be free to just enjoy your big day. Better yet? Hire a wedding planner or wedding day manager who is experienced working with and field questions from vendors.

3. Eat Pre-Wedding Meals & Drink Water

I cannot tell you how many times I've written, "Breakfast" and "Lunch" on a wedding day timeline only to have a bride look up at me and go, "Oh wow, I totally didn't think of that."

If your wedding starts in the afternoon and your dinner reception doesn't start until 6ish, you absolutely need to eat before the wedding. I always recommend high protein meals and lots of fluid. It's going to be a long day and you're going to need the extra energy.

Of course, since you'll be drinking plenty of water, be sure to leave a little bit of time for one or two extra bathroom breaks.

4. Carefully Plan for Transportation

It's important to know how everyone (especially the wedding party, your family, and your vendors) is getting to and fro the wedding, and any stops along the way.

Some Real Life Examples I've Encountered to Consider:

The Groom is driving his groomsmen in his truck to the wedding. He's also driving the truck away with the bride at the end of the night. How are his groomsmen getting home?

150 guests need to get from point A to point B. You've hired a 75 passenger bus, assuming about half of your guests need a ride. You find out that actually, 100 guests need a ride. Do you have the bus make two trips, ask everybody to order an Uber, or...?

Is your photographer meeting you at the church, but riding with you in a bus to the reception? What happens to their car that is now staying parked at the church?

Okay, so you get the point. Really think through your transportation needs, ask yourself a lot of questions, and ensure everybody has a way to get to where they need to be.

5. A Gift & Personal Item Plan

Did you know that Texas authorities are searching for a serial wedding crasher who shows up at weddings and goes "shopping" at the gift table?

Don't be a victim of theft! Or of poor planning. Have a plan in place and know what will happen with every gift and personal item at your wedding. You should know where items will be and how they will be secured throughout the day as well as where everything goes at the end of the night.

Also, if you're going on your honeymoon the morning after the wedding, have someone lined up to collect your wedding dress and/or suit/tuxedo (unless you're intentionally taking those along with you)!

Have a checklist of every single item you're bringing with you to the wedding so that whoever's taking items back in their car can check them off as they load out.

6. Copies of Speeches

I've been to no fewer than four weddings where the Best Man grabs the microphone to make his toast and starts with, "I had an excellent speech written out, but forgot to bring it, so hopefully most of it is still in my goes..."

Were at least one of them just saying that to be funny? Probably. But for those who actually lost their speech, they would have benefited from an extra copy lying around.

Be sure to ask every person who is giving a speech at your wedding, including family members, to send a copy of their speech to you or to your wedding planner to print out and have a copy available at the wedding. This simple solution has prevented many an "Ummm..." and "I know I had something else to say ...... [dead silence] ...... I guess not! Congrats you two!" from slipping into many weddings.

7. Rain Gear

You may have planned out the dress, the tux, the shoes, the cutest getting ready outfit, and even your great grandmother's gold bracelet. But so many couples don't think about what they're wearing if they have to walk through the rain or snow on their wedding day.

Bring along some rain/snow boots, a jacket, an umbrella, and even a couple of clear ponchos with you to your wedding. You may not need to use them. But you'll be so grateful you have them if you do.

8. Have Extra Seats Available

Human psychology is weird. We don't like to sit next to people we don't know. We like to move chairs around and find people we do know. Some of the trickiest of us even like moving a full table's worth of chairs around randomly and creating complete chaos for organized wedding planners who had the perfect seating chart drawn out! I'm not bitter...

It's a good idea to plan on having about 20 more chairs on hand than your total number of guests. That way, you can be sure everybody has a place to sit. Your vendors will appreciate having a spare seat to sit in once in a while as well.

I also recommend having lounge furniture available, including couches, chaise's, padded chairs, and end tables.

9. Wedding Day Emergency Kit

As much planning as you do, and as prepared as you are, something will always go awry on your wedding day. You'll spill wine on your dress and wish you had something to get it out. You'll get covered in dust and yearn for a lint roller. A button will fall off your suit and you'll want a way to stick it back on. Someone will have a headache and wonder why they didn't bring some aspirin. You'll accidentally step in an unidentified sticky substance which won't seem to come off (You see what I mean about those sticky situations I mentioned at the beginning of the blog?)

With a well stocked wedding day emergency kit, you'll have everything you need to fix these small problems and get past the issue without breaking a sweat.

Bonus: If you have a wedding planner, they'll probably bring a pretty good kit along with them, so you won't need to worry about assembling your own!

There you are! The nine things you really don't want to forget. Do you have any to add? Let us know in the comments!

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