Giving Back

We take pride in giving back and donate 5% of all of our profits to the following nonprofit organizations:

Child marriage is legal in 48 states and an estimated 248,000 children as young as 12 were married in the US between 2000 and 2010. Almost all were girls married to adult men. A mixture of cultural, social, economic, and religious justifications are often made for these marriages.


Even in Minnesota, children who are 16 or 17 years old can be married with the consent of their legal guardians and judicial approval. In March 2019, the state house of representatives passed a bill to change this, but the bill has not yet been heard by the senate.

At Woodland Events, we believe this is a gross abuse of human rights and that the legal right to marry should be reserved for consenting adults. Unchained is working hard to push for social, policy, and legal changes to eliminate child marriage in every US state and at the federal level.

The Eagan Foundation encourages, supports, and enhances ideas, funding, and collaborative action to meet community needs in Eagan, MN through community grants (benefiting the work of local non-profits) and scholarships (benefitting graduating high school seniors).

As an Eagan-based business, Woodland Events is committed to supporting the mission of the Eagan Foundation and the many ways it benefits our neighbors in this community. Owner Todd Harper has served as a member of the Eagan Foundation board of directors since October 2019.

The Redeemer Center for Life, located in the Harrison neighborhood of North Minneapolis, works to preserve a vibrant community  in North Minneapolis by creating affordable housing options, engaging in local initiatives for economic development, and offering a wealth of youth, leadership, health, and community outreach programs.

Woodland Events owner Todd Harper serves on the Northside Strategy and Action Team of Edina Lutheran Church in direct partnership with RCFL and in support of its programs.

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