Frequently Asked Questions

Can we pay you through Venmo?

While we don't accept payments through Venmo, our online invoicing system makes it very easy to make secure payments by credit card or bank transfer with no additional fee. We do occassionally purchase things for our clients and accept reimbursements for these items via Venmo.

Can our friend officiate our wedding?

Absolutely! We love it when someone special to you is able to officiate your wedding! We've even written a special guide for first time officiants in Minnesota! You can download it by clicking on this link!

Our venue already has a planner/coordinator. Why should we hire you?

Venue Coordinators are amazing and we absolutely love working with them! But it's important to understand that they are in charge of your venue and they make sure the space is operating for your wedding. The Venue Coordinator does things like:

  • Unlocking the doors;
  • Ensuring the space is clean;
  • Ensuring equipment you ordered from the venue is set up;
  • Directing vendors to the proper loading dock;
  • Ensuring the building temperature is controlled and comfortable.
Your Woodland Events Planner / Wedding Manager does things like:
  • Managing the flow of your wedding day timeline, including cueing each event and directing you, your wedding party, and your guests where and when to be throughout the day.
  • Setting up and tearing down your personal items and decor you rented from vendors other than the venue.
  • Checking with your other vendors before and throughout the wedding day to ensure their service details are accurate and ready to go (like letting your florist know to set up centerpieces on certain tables, but not others).
  • Pampering you and your wedding party by lint rolling your clothes before you walk down the aisle, fetching you drinks from the bar while you mingle with your guests, and more.
In short, your Venue Coordinator works for the venue, while Woodland Events works for you.

Where can we learn more about you?

Feel free to follow us on Instagram and Facebook (@woodlandeventsmn)! You can also subscribe to the Woodland Weekly by clicking on this link. The Woodland Weekly lands in your email inbox every Friday morning and is filled with exclusive planning tips, tricks, vendor recommendations, and more. Ready to schedule a free, no obligation consultation with one of our planners? Visit today!

Do you work with same-sex couples?

Woodland Events is a queer-owned business with inclusivity at our core. We are proud to work with same-sex couples and all members of the LGBTQ+ community; always have been and always will be! "We believe every couple deserves to have a wedding where they feel respected, celebrated, and professionally cared for, no matter their gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, race, religious beliefs, spirituality or lack thereof, political leanings, ethnicity, societal stature, career choice, [or] body size...We make every effort that each client feels validated, respected, and celebrated...We are committed to tearing down all walls in the wedding industry and making weddings less about society's structure of gender and heterosexuality, and more about love, commitment, and expressions of the two." Adapted from the Wedding Equality Alliance Manifesto. We make it a priority to be a safe space for LGBTQ+ couples. That's why we're members of the Safe Space Alliance, the Twin Cities Quorum, and the Wedding Equality Alliance. Check out some of the LGBTQ+ centered posts on our blog!

Do you travel for weddings?

We love to travel for our clients' weddings! Since starting our Minnesota-based business in 2018, we have had weddings from California to Florida! We travel internationally too! We charge the following travel fees, based on travel distance from our offices in Eagan, Minnesota and Santa Barbara, California (for a map of these distances, visit this link): 100 - 299 Miles:

  • $40 per diem (minimum 3 days);
  • $130 daily hotel allowance (minimum 2 nights); and
  • Round trip gas reimbursement of 58 cents per mile.
300+ Miles:
  • $90 per diem (minimum 3 days);
  • $130 daily hotel allowance (minimum 2 nights); and
  • $450 airfare allowance.

What does an average couple working with you spend on their wedding?

The average Woodland Events couple spends a total of $26,000 on their wedding, but we have worked with couples whose budgets range from $5,000 to $48,000. While there are exceptions to the rule, we generally don't recommend spending more than 10% - 15% of your wedding budget on your planner.

Do you bring an assistant on the day of the wedding?

All three of our main packages include both a lead planner and one assistant at your wedding. There are some weddings that require a third or even a fourth assistant depending on your needs and the number of guests attending your wedding and we are able to discuss this with you during your free consultation. These additional assistants are billed to the client at an hourly rate of $35.

Do you plan events other than weddings?

Woodland Events staff has experience planning all kinds of events, big and small. Whether you'd like a planner for an intimate gathering in your home, a silent auction for your non-profit organization, or even a large community event with thousands of guests in attendance, we will be happy to build a planning or event management package that's just right for your needs.

Why don't you offer Day-Of Coordination?

"Day-Of Coordination" simply doesn't exist. It is a myth that was created by the blogging staff at The Knot. The truth is, regardless of which package you choose, we're not just there for you on the day of your wedding.

  • We attend and coordinate your rehearsal;
  • We take care of all communications with your vendor team in the last couple of weeks leading up to your wedding;
  • We work with you to bring all of your wedding planning into a comprehensive document that includes an incredibly detailed timeline for your day, seating charts, setup and teardown information, and more;
  • From the day you hire us, even if it's two years before your wedding, we are experts available to answer questions and guide you in the planning process.
If we just dropped in on the morning of your wedding, we wouldn't have a clue where things go, who is who, what vendors are supposed to be doing, or when anything is supposed to happen. How could we coordinate that? If you are doing most of the wedding planning yourself, we recommend taking a look at our Wedding Management package, where we're with you the two months leading up to your wedding day to ensure it goes exactly the way you planned it!

When in the planning process should we hire you?

Our booking calendar can fill up fast. If you have a popular wedding date in the summer or fall, we recommend reaching out to us at least one year before your wedding. Need a little more specific guidance? Not a problem! Here are our recommendations for when to book each of our packages:

  • Full Wedding Planning - We recommend hiring us as far in advance as you can as the cost of the package doesn't change regardless of how many venues you've already toured, the vendors you've booked, or how far away your wedding date is. We do not offer this package to couples whose wedding is within five months.
  • Partial Wedding Planning - Most couples book our partial planning package at least nine months before their wedding and after they've already signed a contract with a venue. We do not offer this package to couples whose wedding is within three months.
  • Wedding Management - Most couples book our wedding management package about six months before their wedding. We do not offer this package to couples whose wedding is within one month.
  • Decor Setup & Teardown - These services are only available to book within 3 months of your wedding.

Can I work for Woodland Events?

At this time, we do not have any openings for staff positions. However, we do have internships available year round. Our wedding and event planning internship is a 16-week unpaid program designed for entrepreneurial college students or recent graduates who are interested in a career in event planning, and specifically in someday starting their own planning business. Almost all of Woodland Events' day-of event assistants are former (and current) interns. If interested, please send an email with your resume to with subject line "Internship".

How do we know you are the right wedding planner for us?

Hiring your wedding planner is a very big and personal decision and will often be based on many factors, including budget, personalities, shared interests, and most importantly, trust. We tend to form lifelong bonds and friendships with many of our clients because we get along so well throughout the planning process! The best way to see whether we might make a good match for each other is to set up a free, no-obligation consultation at this link. We'll be completely honest with you in that meeting, and if we don't think we're the best fit for you, we'll match you up with someone we think will be.

How many weddings and events do you take on each year?

We use a pretty long and complicated formula to determine how many events we can take on each year, depending on the type of service clients are booking and who is currently on our staff (lead planners, associate planners, day-of assistants, etc.) But generally speaking, we follow these two rules:

  1. We only take one event per weekend.
  2. We book up to 40 wedding management clients, 20 partial planning clients, 10 full planning clients, or some combination of the three.